Optimum 4 point Apex Round Brushed Nickel

Optimum 4 point Apex Round Brushed Nickel

Brand: Yale

The Apex Mini-Lever Set provides the ideal multipoint locking solution for your entrance door in conjunction with the Optimum 4-point Mortice Lock. The Apex Mini-Lever Set offers ease of use and secure multipoint locking to match your household joinery.

  • Features 4 points of locking from the latch, deadbolt and two shoot-bolts.
  • Sequencing of locking points can be in any order (can be locked with or without shoot-bolts thrown).
  • The handling of the lockset is adjusted by reversing the orientation of the latch bolt.
  • Stainless steel forend plate.
  • Adjustable latch projection.
  • Achieves Australian Standards AS4145: 1993 (Part 2) Security Level S2 and Durability Level D2.
  • When used with the correct strike the lock generates optimum seal compression to provide improved water and air seal performance, especially for large panel doors.
  • Sleek, minimalist designed round escutcheon.
  • Independently sprung lever.
  • Mini lever engages locking rods in head and sill for added security and weather tightness.
  • Smooth and easy operation.
  • New Zealand made.

What are the benefits of a 4-point lock?

Energy Efficiency: A 4-point lock creates a much tighter seal on your door because it covers the door frame at three different locations. When a 4-point lock is installed, drafts, whistling, and rattles are significantly reduced.

Break-In Prevention: Security is the main reason most people choose a 4-point lock. Compared to regular deadbolts, four-point locks provide three times more protection against break-ins.

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Optimum 4 point Apex Round Brushed Nickel


50mm BS


Optimum 4 point Apex 60mm BS Round Brushed Nickel


60mm BS