E-LOK 715 Slimline digital Snib-lockset Black

E-LOK 715 Slimline digital Snib-lockset Black


$539.75 (inc GST)

Product Code: HAEL71560BLK

Brand: E-LOK

Size: 60mm BS

Snib Lever For Use with Pull Handles.

E-LOK 7-Series Snib Lever can also be installed and paired with a pull handle on swinging doors. Perfect to swap-out your old double turn kit and modernise your entrance way.

For easy retrofit applications, cover plates can be installed to cover existing drill holes in your door, for a perfect install finish.

This E-LOK comes paired with Snib-Levers to allow for installation on narrow styles.

Anti-Panic Exit System

Exit your door by only pulling down the handle, E-LOK 7 Series allows for fast exit

Scramble Code System

Secure your pin code from prying eyes, add a random sequence of numbers before your code and your E-LOK will still unlock

Eco Drive

E-LOK simply engages the handle to the latch to be unlocked, rather than driving the latch. This saves both the drive motor and batteries.

Unlimited Pin Codes

Run out of ideas for pin codes before the E-LOK runs out of space to store them, easy!

Passage Mode

Set passage mode on or during set hours and dates, allow for quick access.

Authorised Admins

Delegate various levels of access and control of your E-LOK via the E-LOK app.

Remote Unlock

Pair the E-LOK with the E-LOK Gateway to manage your lock remotely over Wi-Fi network.

Live Notifications

Paired with the E-LOK Gateway, receive live notifications when your E-LOK is unlocked. Name access codes accordingly and see who is entering your building.